Group Therapy With Dr. Ervin

Regular attendance is expected and required. Sessions take place throughout Seattle, Washington.

An Overview of Group Therapy

Group therapy can be an effective means of achieving your desired behavioral changes This community based form of counseling allows individuals to come together to target a specific mental wellness issue. While some may be intimidated at the prospect of vocalizing their issues in front of others, many clients find it to be a very rewarding experience. 

What happens during group therapy?

During group therapy, Dr. Ervin works with a group of three to eight clients sharing similar mental wellness concerns. In order to be effective, members must regularly attend sessions. Together the group employs open dialogue and other intervention methods to target a specific problem. Dr. Ervin oversees the group to sustain a positive and supportive environment. 

How many clients can I expect at a session?

Dr. Ervin's groups range in size from three to eight clients at a time. 

Why choose group therapy?

The group-oriented approach provides clients a supportive network and accountability partners. Members collaborate to develop strategies for reaching their mental wellness objectives. By seeing how other people tackle their problems and implement positive changes, you can discover a whole range of proven strategies for addressing your own concerns.

How much information will I be expected to share?

Confidentiality is crucial to effective group therapy. Still, absolute privacy is not guaranteed. Use good judgment when sharing your personal information and mental health challenges. Still, groups work best where there is open and honest communication amongst members.