Dr. Ervin's APPROACH

Dr. Ervin regularly appears at mental health awareness events throughout Seattle, Washington.


Dr. Ervin is on a mission to challenge, educate, and empower communities. Specifically, Dr. Ervin adheres to the following principles in carrying out her mission:

  • to challenge misconceptions and damaging stigmas associated with mental health disorders and treatment
  • to educate communities regarding available mental health treatment
  • to empower individuals and families with accessible mental health services

Dr. Ervin aims to dismantle existing myths & misconceptions regarding mental health disorders


Dr. Ervin's vision is to provide culturally competent, holistic, and wellness focused services that promote self actualization, prevent development of mental health challenges, and address social-emotional problems that are currently present. Services will be provided utilizing emic, evidence-based strategies.

Dr. Ervin's aims to provide affordable, convenient, quality mental health care services for clients.


Dr. Ervin’s goal is to assist clients in developing a thorough understanding of how their thoughts, feelings, unprocessed memories, behaviors and decisions impact their lived experiences. Clients will utilize this insight to facilitate meaningful behavioral modifications that allow them to experience optimal wellness and work towards self-actualization. While fulfilling this goal, Dr. Ervin invites clients to “come as they are.” Together, Dr. Ervin and her clients will collaborate as they integrate evidence based treatment and supportive therapy in achieving mental wellness goals.