Concierge Service

Concierge service conveniently allows Dr. Ervin to visit you in a non-clinical environment.

What is concierge service therapy?

Concierge service allow you to meet Dr. Ervin outside of her office at a safe and supportive environment. This could be your home, office, workshop, or local park. Concierge services are a particularly beneficial mode of counseling for clients unable to visit Dr. Ervin’s office due to issues such as time constraints, mobility issues, lack of transportation, or privacy concerns.

Why choose concierge service for therapy?

Concierge service is a mode of therapy where Dr. Ervin provides her therapy services at a mutually agreed upon location outside of her office. In fact, Dr. Ervin offers many of her services on a concierge basis, including individual therapy and couples counseling.

For Dr. Ervin, mental health treatment doesn't have to be limited to her office or standard business hours.

Where do sessions normally take place?

Concierge service typically take place in a client's home or office. In the past, Dr. Ervin has counseled clients at other settings, such as a local park or coffee shop. In most instances, Dr. Ervin can meet you at a location of your choice, providing that it is safe, not distracting, and conducive to your therapy practice. 

Considering concierge service therapy?

Don't let distance or time constraints get in the way of your mental health treatment.  Get on track to optimizing your mental wellness by booking with Dr. Ervin today.