Couples Therapy with Dr. Ervin

Work towards the relationship you want with Dr. Ervin's couples therapy services.

Sometimes, you need the assistance of a trained professional.

It helps to think of a romantic relationship as a house. 

A house (like a relationship) requires regular maintenance and upkeep. If you knew you had a leak in your roof, you'd arrange to have it repaired immediately. Why? As a wise homeowner, you understand that timely action can keep your roof strong and intact. Many home repairs are easy fixes and we can patch them up on our own. Other times, an issue is more complicated than we imagined and we need the assistance of a trained professional.

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is counseling for those involved in intimate relationships. 

Unfortunately, misconceptions about couples therapy can discourage clients from seeking help early on. While we often associate couples therapy with marriages on the verge of collapse, relationships of all shades can benefit from this highly effective therapeutic intervention. Regardless of your marital status or orientation, couples therapy can be instrumental in strengthening your relationship and improving interactions with your partner.

What happens during couples therapy?

Because couple dynamics vary, treatment plans and sessions will be unique and specific to the therapy objectives established with Dr. Ervin during your initial visits.

Still, nearly all therapeutic partnerships with Dr. Ervin involve the following:

  1. Meet with Dr. Ervin and answer a few standard interview questions.
  2. Dr. Ervin offers each partner a chance to voice proposed treatment objectives, that is, identifying specific areas of the relationship the partner would like to improve.
  3. Dr. Ervin collaborates with both partners to develop solution-focused and change-oriented strategies for meeting established treatment objectives. 

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